Sunday, June 8, 2008

Confession Time

I make the hubby shirts. Shirts with wild fabrics, but alas, I buy more fabric than I make shirts. I am cleaning up my sewing stuff a bit, and decided to do a little organizing--I have found (without too much searching) fabric for 14 shirts for the hubby. I have posted the evidence here in hopes that it will move me to make some of the shirts. I suppose I could try doing the roman thing with them on him but I don't think this would go over to well. So here they are, staring me in the face. I'll let you know when they get done (she said with hope and conviction!)



Marilyn said...

A lot of bloggers are cleaning up their sewing rooms! To me that is a purification process just like confession. You are a gem for sewing shirts for your husband. I'm sure he would love one anytime you make one for him.

Sue H said...

I love these fabrics! Maybe you should make a shirt(s) for yourself occasionally? Makes me want to sew up a Hawaiian shirt.


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