Monday, June 9, 2008

What I am (or should be) working on

I decided to do a little straightening up in my sewing area. Because we are still working on the house, I don't have a sewing room, I just use a corner of the living room. Anyway--I had loads of stuff strewn about, and decided to clean up. Well that means taking things out of the hutch (where I have most of my stash) so I could put things back where they sort of came from. In doing that, I decided to make a list of all the quilt tops I have, all the patterns plus fabric I have, all of the quilts that are waiting to be finished, and all of those I haven't even started yet.

So, here goes:
tops waiting to be quilted
  1. jewel box
  2. autumn table runner
  3. small convergence quilt from the class I took
  4. Amy's oriental tiles
  5. QOV--red white and blue
  6. 3 giant 9-patch baby quilts
  7. checkerboard convergence quilt made in Germany
  8. Kaleidoscope wall hanging
  9. North winds batik
  10. Round robin blacks and brights
  11. 2 disappearing 9-patch baby quilts
  12. Pat's retirement quilt (done 7/1/08 just 14 months late)
  13. Rachel's graduation quilt (spin cycle) done 7/1/08 had these two quilted
Quilt tops I've started, that are not yet finished
  1. Julie's southwestern wall hanging
  2. tessellated fish
  3. ocean colorwash Irish chain
  4. Jessica's 4 patch, took the borders off, now I have to put them back on
  5. Greek keys
  6. Batik slash-a-stash (I truly don't remember starting this
Quilts I have patterns and fabrics for--not started
  1. another skull quilt (for my nephew
  2. dragonflies
  3. stormy sea (I just bought the kits for 2 and 3 at the Denver quilt show)
  4. French braid quilt from the colorwash trip around the work kit fabric I bought long ago
  5. baby kaleidoscope quilt (fabric bought long, long ago)
  6. pastel rainbow stack n whack
  7. jungle print stack n whack
  8. just purchased Spin Cycle
  9. Moon Glow (another kit I bought long, long ago)


1 comment:

Marilyn said...

You've got some beeaaauuutiful quilts there! I will say it again. You have wonderful color sense.


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