Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spin Cycle Top-finished and Quilt for and Hour

Thanks to Marilyn's suggestion I figured out what to do with the border. She reminded me of the pink-peach batik I had. I tried it as the border, and it was a bit too light, but then I though of adding the fabric I used for the blocks. Because of the way the blocks are cut, I only had 22" widths of the fabric, and didn't think I would like so many seams in the border, so I added 1" strips of the pink, I think it finishes off the quilt, without adding too much heaviness, thanks Marilyn.

I am still working on the Quilt for an Hour. I have all the pieces for the blocks put together, now I just have to assemble the blocks. Once that is done, it should be a quick job to put the top together.

Yesterday was my birthday, and one of the local quilt shops gives you half of your age as a discount during your birthday week--how could I pass up a 27% discount? I decided I like the spin cycle pattern so much, that I bought more fabric to make another one; but it will be quite a different look. The cream is the background, the purple the strips in the middle of the sashing, and the pink, the cornerstones and border. At the moment I really like it.



Marilyn said...

Great job on your Spin Cycle quilt! I knew you would do something fantastic. You have such a good sense of colors. Your new fabrics will work up wonderful, too.

Marilyn said...

Mary, forgive my bad manners, please. Happy belated birthday! What a great thing to get a discount on your birthday. I give ladies in my quilting club a gift certificate on their birthday. I will be 54 on my birthday this fall.


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