Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spin Cycle Fabric

I didn't even think to post the fabric the spin cycle blocks were cut from until Marilyn brought it to my attention--so, here is the fabric I cut the blocks from.

I was going to use a black background, and an orange stripe, but it looked too much like Halloween. So I bought this light green fabric instead. When I got it home I thought it might look good as the background, but I just like the black better. So it will be black with the green fabric as a stripe down the center of the sashing. If you are interested in making this quilt, here is a link to the free PDF file from the Bethany Reynolds website. I really like the way the slices are cut. Because of the method used, there is always an edge of the fabric that is being sewn with the straight grain of fabric.

This is what the pattern looks like completed.


Marilyn said...

You pick the most stunning fabric for your stack n whack projects! Thank you for posting the focus fabric. I love it and love the spin cyle pattern. Thanks for posting the link to the spin cycle pattern. I bought fabric yesterday from Wal-Mart to make (I think you called them flower boxes). I just love the shadow effect. Hopefully I can get it cut out soon.

Debby said...

Mary - I love the spin cycle with the black background. Rachel is going to love this quilt. And Marilyn's correct; you do pick the most stunning fabrics! I printed out the pattern for this quilt and someday I may find time to make one myself...but at least I'll have the pattern for "someday".

pudge's girl said...

Thank you for posting the fabric. It is hard for one such as I, to envision the completed block which is absolutely lovely.


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