Friday, May 16, 2008

New Fabric for Quilt for One Hour

The colors in this photo aren't quite true. I played a bit with the settings to get them closer, but they'll do for now.

Well I started cutting the strips for the quilt for one hour, and I noticed that the light background fabric was pretty loosely woven, especially compared to the rest of the fabrics which are batiks. I was going to go buy something to replace it, and decided in the spirit of using my stash to look one more time.

I LOVE this pinky peach fabric. I found it on the local Ben Franklins flat fold table--it cost$4.99/yard and I had to have it. I think it bought it sometime last summer, but I'm not sure. I think it will make a very interesting light for this quilt. I know I have a couple of star point fabrics that look like they might just fade into the blue, I'll have to look again and see (now that I have a peach and pink) if I have something to replace them.

This is getting funner by the minute!

Thanks Judy!


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