Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeans "buckets"

I saw this idea on a blog a while ago. Use old jeans legs and make little buckets out of them. These don't have any interfacing, so they're kind of slouchy. I like that. I may try some others and use interfacing to see how they look. I'm going to donate these to the quilt guild's auction in October. Think someone will want to buy them?

Oh, and why oh why do I wait so long to replace the cutting blade on the rotary's like magic when it's new!


Allie said...

Oh for pity's sake - what a great idea - I really love this! I think next time I see a church rummage sale, I'm going to pick up some kids jeans and try this. Love the fabric you lined them with. I think they'd be a great seller!

I do the same thing with my rotary blades, I wait until I have to cut everything three times, lol. I no longer buy my blades at the quilt shop, I either get them on ebay or at Harbor Freight Tools. MUCH cheaper and they're exactly the same thing - so no reason not to put a new one in!

Dbby said...

I'm sure someone would buy these; I know I would. What a cute idea!


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