Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Failed Quilt Pattern

This is the pattern I was using. I've always wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt, and found this pattern a while back. I couldn't tell from the picture that the corners don't meet and it just ends up looking sloppy to me.

You lay a stack of fabrics, cut and shuffle and then sew the three types of blocks back together again.

These are some of the fabrics I chose and the cut sets. The two on the left are actually different colors, one is blue and the other purple. I thought they would go together OK, and decided to try them.

This is what I actually came up with. I put the 12 inch blocks together after cutting and shuffling, but really didn't like the way I thought they would look as a storm at sea quilt. I decided if I wanted a storm at sea, I'd just have to make one...a real one.

Surprisingly, I like the quilt top I got. I still need to add a few borders. I'm going to use a white inner border, then the blue patterned fabric I have at the intersections. It is about a half-yard piece I had laying around. It's going to be an OK baby blanket.

It's actually more attractive in person!


Wynn Anne said...

Sometimes short cuts just don't cut it, do they? (Excuse the pun.) I love the way you work with colours!

Momma Made This said...

Hi Mary! I'm sorry your Storm At Sea pattern didn't work out. When you are ready to make your "real Storm At Sea", you will get truly precise results with Inklingo. They have Storm At Sea in 3 sizes, and everything is exact, and the collection can be used to make many other patterns, including my favorite, Tennessee Waltz!

I'm glad you were able to salvage your quilt and it's looking lovely!

~ Ronda

Allie said...

Well that turned out pretty, Mary! I do love the Storm at Sea pattern, but I've never tried it. I like what you did with the sashing and cornerstones!


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