Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hawaii Pictures

Here are some pictures I took. We visited the Big Island and stayed near Kona. One day we drove around to Hilo via the north road. Let's see if I can give you a bit of info about the pictures. The first pictures are taken at South Point. For some reason, I love going there. There aren't any houses there, and it's 11 miles from the main road. There is always wind, and the waves just crash against the rocks. Somehow it's very elemental.

The turtle picture was taken on the trip to Hilo. It was at a small beach on the northern end of the island. I can't find the name of it, but there were lots of turtles to see basking in the sun.

The next two pictures are from the Polulu lookout. You can't actually drive past the valleys here, so this is the closest you can get without hiking.

The falls  are the Akaka falls, and the plants pictures were taken on the walk to see the falls. The ferns unfurling just fascinated me, and the purple one...I have no idea what it is, is just so cool! The orchid was only about 3 inches across, and there weren't very many of them.

I have to have the Hawaiian rainbow. That was taken from the balcony of the hotel in Hilo. It gets about 200 inches of rain per year, thus the falls and the rainbow. It rained off and on the whole time we were in Hilo.

And of course, the gecko. I love the colors. I may have to do a quilt with the colors from the gecko and the design of the unfurling fern.

I almost forgot the fabric I bought. Most are for shirts for my husband, the one in the upper left is for matching shirts for friends, and the other grey/blue one second from right is for matching shirts for Joe and I. The lower right one is for a shirt for me and the rest are for Joe. I really like the one in the lower left. I don't know how I'm going to work it yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to take pictures of it.

Now...what to sew next?


Debby said...

Beautiful pictures, and I like all the fabric you got. That's going to make some lovely shirts.

Allie said...

Oh lucky lucky you - what a beautiful place! Love the turtle pic. And the fabric you got, fabulous. I can see how you'd find so much inspiration there. Those ferns are wonderful!


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