Sunday, April 13, 2008

No bones about it, I'm done!

Well....... here is the finished top. Actually, I think it's kind of fun, and knowing that it will be appreciated makes it even more fun. I have to come up with some kind of skull, or bones for the free motion quilting I am going to do on it. I am going to quilt the red, white and blue Irish chain first, then this one. If I get in gear, I may start quilting this one next weekend. And making this quilt gave me an idea for using the fabric I bought, oh so long ago, in Hawai'i. I will have a mock-up soon to see if I like it enough to actually make it.

While we were vacationing, we found a brass turtle we really like, and the bedroom is already lime green (only not so bright--actually I think it's celery, and water sprout, and marsh something or other) and a wonderful pool blue for the ceiling--so we're making it an island paradise here in the middle of the mountains with pines outside! I have to come up with some more decorating ideas that won't turn the whole thing into a tiki bar--wish me luck...anyway, I digress. I am going to make a quilt with these Hawaiian fabrics and the pattern above. The black will be white, and the red will be blues and greens and the skull fabrics will instead be Hawaiian fabrics...ots of hibiscus and turtles.


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