Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flower Box Quilt

quilt plan fabric sample quilt top
Well, here is the latest one. Since I did the tutorial in the previous post, I thought I'd go ahead and show you how I plan on paper as well. Sometimes, If I am planning a quilt I am going to make immediately, I use paper. The problem with planning on paper--at least for me, is that I lose it. I have to admit I'm not the most organized of quilters.

Since I planned to do this quilt the day I did the planning I used paper. I could have done this all using Excel (I use that a lot, too) but it can take more time and I wasn't going to save this and use it at a later date.

I changed the dimensions from that of the tutorial block. Instead of each square equaling 2", on my plan each square is 1 1/2". I lucked out, too, because I only had enough fabric for the smaller blocks. I have used this wild 60's fabric before for a similar project (that is an unfinished quilt--another story). I also had to plan pretty carefully for the light yellow--I had a very limited amount of that--and I forgot in the planning stage to add the 2" squares (2 for each block) and then I stupidly cut them first--because they are so small I should have cut them last from the leftovers of the other strips. After I cut them I realized it was a mistake so I actually used Excel and a combination matrix to see which method of cutting the rest of the pieces would leave me the largest chunks of leftover yellow for the border. Because of my poor cutting choices the bottom light yellow border is going to have to be pieced quite a bit, but I think once it is quilted no on will notice. In the tutorial I put a dark border around the quilt--I don't know if I will or not. Maybe I'll leave it this size. I'll see later.

I posted a picture of the fabric I used for the flower blocks. I think it's fun to see what the base fabric is for these types of quilts. I enjoy making stack-n-whack quilts, but I need this one in a hurry--the baby shower is the 26th, so simplified the block so I only have four and all the pieces have right angles--much easier to piece. I like the shadow effect, I think it is a simple way to emphasize the colored blocks, and I think it looks cool, too!

We'll see if I actually get this one done.


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