Friday, April 11, 2008

A different sort of quilt!

How are these fabrics for a departure. I've had another specific request for a Quilt of Valor. This warrior dealt with his pain by getting tattoos--lots and lots of tattoos, and most of them skulls or skeletons. I don't think this will take long and it's actually kind of a kick to do something like this.The fabrics will go in the white boxes of the quilt design on top. I was pretty surprised when I looked that there are so many fabrics with skulls on them. See what you learn when you look.

I am going to work on finishing this top this weekend, and quilting the red, white and blue top as well.

Just put the third picture up with half of the blocks completed. This has actually given me an idea of using fabrics I bought in Hawai'i about 7 years ago. It's an easy pattern ( got the idea from the BQ quilt but drafted the pattern myself) and I like the way it is turning out.


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