Monday, February 18, 2008

All done and washed

Finished up 6 quilts in the past 3 days--well, actually I'm counting that I finished them because they got washed and dried today--though I did finish 4 quilts since Friday.

I had three quilts that were just waiting for binding from at least 8 months ago--those are the tetrad-bargello, Irish chain, and curved log cabin. The tetrad and the log cabin I quilted. I rented some time on a handi-quilter 16 and used one free pattern I found online, and another (the dragonflies) that I bought as a stencil. I think I like my quilting better on my home machine. I feel like I have more control--and I know that if I need to stop, I won't have to pay for that time.

I feel great knowing that these are all done. I'll send the three baby quilts off to California tomorrow. The bargello is for me. I used a wool blanket I bought at a surplus store for the batting, I hope it will be warm. The back of the house (where I sit to read) is quite cool in the winter time. We have a wood burning stove to keep it warm, and a two-story wall of south facing windows with a curtain that goes up and down automatically depending on the temperature difference between inside and outside. Sometimes when I am sitting working on the computer or reading it's in the mid 50's, and that's cold when you're sitting still; so, the wool batting.

The log-cabin is only a year late for a birthday present--but then that's what Julie has come to expect over the years!


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