Sunday, February 10, 2008

Started quilting

Well,I got the back together for this quilt, (I used John Flynn's diagonal piecing method to save fabric found here toward the bottom of the page.) I just forgot that I had to start with the measurements I wanted the back to be, not the measurements of the quilt top (so it was a little close). I played around some and came up the the pattern you see quilted. I watched the pajama quilter DVD again, and got some more ideas.

Since I've started looking at quilting as doodling with thread I'm good. I can doodle--no problem. It's when I try to make something exactly "this way" or "that way" that I go insane.

Each of the flowers I've done (there are 3 finished so far) probably took about 5-7 minutes. I only have 20 to do, so I should have this one quilted by Wednesday (she says with great confidence.)

I still haven't bought any fabric. I'm going to do my best to keep it that way. I have lots and lots of fabric, and I really want to use it up.


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