Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunflowers and Ladybugs...and other stuff

I have all the flowers quilted on this top. They remind me of sunflowers, so that's what I'm calling them. The intersections of the corners needed something, so as I was laying in bed a couple of nights ago before I fell asleep I was thinking about bees. I looked around online, and them remembered I had downloaded some quilting motifs a while ago from the Quiltmaker magazine site. (They don't seem to have them available anymore.) I looked through them and one was a ladybug that looked easy to doodle so away I went. The ladybugs among the flowers make me smile--so I'm happy to have them.

Earlier I was reading the HGTV quilting forum, and someone had a link to a site for free software for making quilts from photos. It's not the typical mosaic type, but lets you draw your own lines to make a pattern. It's called QuiltAssistant. Here's a sample of a photo I played with in Photoshop elements last year blocked out to piece using QuiltAssistant. I think this will help me get started using my photos to do some quilting I've been wanting to, but not knowing how. I don't think I'll use the templates that the program produces, I'll just use the line drawing as a general guideline as to what the pieces might look like, and about what size they might be. It will also give me a guide as to about what colors I might want to to dye. I've done some dyeing, but I really want to do more.


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