Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Stuff Done!

I got a book about machine quilting (after seeing a video on Brightcove) for Christmas. Lorraine Stangness is the author, and she says her favorite threads are Sulkys. So, today I went to the LQS and bought nothing but thread, 2 chalk-o-liners, some Retayne and some Syhthrapol. I spent quite a bit, but not on fabric!

I was on the computer doing something (you see how good my memory is) and someone mentioned "PajamaQuilter Reloade"--the DVD. I watched the preview and thought it was a good idea. I have lots of tops to finish, so learning how to do them with doodling sounds just perfect to me. I took some backing fabric (not fab, but good enough) from my stash and pinned the orange, yellow and green baby quilt. I sewed around the edge, trimmed and then stitched down around the border. I then used the chalk-o-liner to make the first lines across the quilt for "dwirling". I used some of the Sulky blendable thread I bought (nice thread) and finished about 1/3 of the quilt. It is not perfect--but I feel much better about this than many other types of quilting I have done.

Here is a partial picture of the front. You can see a bit of the quilting.

Here is a picture of the back--see what I mean about boring, but you can see the quilting pretty well.

Dawn Ramirez (PajamaQuilter) uses a long arm machine, and I think this would be much easier, because you can see the whole of what you are quilting, and not just what is under the needle. I think I will get better the more I work on it, but I am pretty happy with this so far.

Oh, I found some more unfinished tops (surprise) These three just need binding--soon they'll be done!


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