Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick Strip Quilt

I finished this top today. It would have been done much faster but I had a nasty cold and just couldn't stay focused long enough to work on it. It is from a strip set I cut from the guild's stash for charity quilts. I have 3 more strip sets I hope to pass out to ladies at the next guild meeting so they might make a quilt too.

It was taller than it was wide, so I took the extra blocks I had and cut them into three strips each and added them to the sides. I think I'll back it with fleece and call it good.

Simple. Quick (relatively). Done.


Wynn Anne Sibbald said...

Isn't it funny how having a cold turns your brain to ADD mush?

Allie said...

SWEET! Are you feeling better? I hate what a cold does to my brain!


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