Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Wall

The design wall is empty, not that everything is done, but I've shifted gears.I'm trying not to use Christmas wrapping this year, and instead make bags that (hopefully) won't go into the trash.

I'm also including cloth shopping bags when I give a gift this year. I was going to wrap with them, but it's easier to put them in the bag, rather than make them the bag. I have lots of pillow cases I'm using for the bags. I was cutting them narrower and  using the extra for the handles, but decided a slightly larger bag would work great, and give a bit more room in the bag. So I'm just using the whole pillowcase.

I have a few more things to make and I hope they'll be done by Christmas. I have time off till New Year's Day so if I can stay focused I'll get them done.

Oops, I almost forgot, to see what other folks are doing, check out Judy's blog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Quilter Kathy said...

Great ideas Mary!

Kathie said...

making bags for Chrisstmas presents is a great idea. A friend of mine had a similar idea, she put all presents in themed pillow cases so you got two presents in one.

ANudge said...

That's a wonderful idea, Mary. I'm going to do that next year. Have bags for everything because yes we wrap, we make pretty and in a couple of minutes all that effort and money is out the door to the dumpster.
Love the one you pictured.

Allie said...

That bag looks great! I made those one year, they were supposed to be re-used, but I never saw them again. Of course that was before the green craze, so maybe folks would be more appreciative now. I hope you get all your sewing done - did you ever finish your banner?


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