Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bags Finished

 Here are the bags I've finished so far. I decided to keep one for was in the car with Joe when I took this pictures. I found some webbing to use for hands for the rest of the pillowcases I have. It is normally used for strapping down furniture when moving and was only $.26 per foot. The stuff I bought at a local fabric store was about $.60 per foot. The webbing I just bought is a bit too wide, about 2-inches instead of the 1 1/2-inches I used on these bags, but I figure I'll just sew the handles in half where they will be carried. At a sale at Hancock Fabrics about a month or so ago I bought some home decorator fabric to make more bags, and I have some twill fabric I purchased in the summer of last year for some OTHER bags so I guess I'll keep busy until I find out what kind of quilt Daniel wants.


Allie said...

Nice bags Mary! Good idea to sew the handle in half. Glad you decided to keep one for yourself!

Anonymous said...

I just saw another blog somewhere and she went to her local coffee shops and asked for the coffee bean bags (got them free) and made bags like this. They were cute and free!


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