Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I've measured it, and the size is about 50 x 70. If I add borders it's just going to be too large (if I make them 3 inches...the size of the sashing) so I think I'm going to stop here. I might add a 1 inch border so I have something without seams to sew the binding to. Someone suggested I use a striped fabric for the binding. That sounds fun, and I have some great stripes so I'll figure out which one to use. I'm going to find a white (pity the poor person that gets this) fleece for the backing. though I guess I could use a pastel of some kind, that might be a better idea...then not quite so bad in terms of dirt.

I'm pretty sure the local Hancock Fabrics is having a sale on no-pill fleece this weekend, so I'll go down and see what I find. I think I know who is going to get this one, another niece (I have many). This turned out better than I thought it would when I first got the blocks. I guess white can really set things off too, especially a disparate group of blocks like this.

Hey, I made a scrappy quilt, and I didn't have to make a big mess!



GodismyJudge said...

You do very beautiful work. My wife loves to crochet. I was going through different blogs and come across yours and had to say you do great work

Allie said...

That turned out GREAT! And yay for no mess, lol! It's going to be very cozy with the fleece on it!

Judy said...

Or maybe a fun fleece print for the back. There are some great ones. Anything you do is going to be cozy. I like how it turned out.


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