Sunday, September 21, 2008

More... floor and trees

Here's the floor before we began, old linoleum from the 60s I think.

Here's what the floor will look like when it's done. It actually matches the color of the wall a bit better.

We worked on the floor some yesterday. It's a bit more than halfway done. We ended up having to go down the hill to get more underlayment so we didn't get as much done as we wanted (or as I wanted to). I want to get my stuff in there and start sewing again. I'm going to be a brave woman and see if I can get some of the floor in myself today. That way I can begin to move in and set stuff up. The ceiling molding still isn't done, but I figure that it can be finished when my sewing things are in the room.

We did take some time to see the aspens changing color up the mountain. I took a couple of pictures in the yard the day before, and then a couple that I like when we were driving. It was a short drive, but just about the perfect time. I think if we had waited till next weekend the leaves would have fallen.


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