Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can we call it done?

Well, this my friends is a floor. And that up there, that is a ceiling... and lights! I couldn't be prouder if I had done it myself--wait, I did do it myself--with a bit of help from my honey!

I can begin moving stuff in and I hope by next weekend I will be sewing again. There is still finish work to be done. The blue around the window isn't a decorative touch, it's painters tape to keep the cold out. Luckily it isn't very cold yet. But still, YIPPEE!!!

Oh and on a bit of a sewing note (sort of) the machine on the left is from my Grandpa, an old Kenmore; and the one on the right is the treadle I bought this summer. I don't know where they'll go permanently yet, but they're in the sewing room.



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