Friday, September 12, 2008

Aaaaaalllllllmmmmmooooosssssttttt done...

The ceiling is nearly done, the light is installed, the other wall is painted and the floor needs to be done. Then, looks like I may have a sewing room!

I was at the Estes Park Highland Games last weekend so I didn't get anything done. I don't have a lot of pep after work, so didn't get any of the work done this week, but tonight I got the base coat on the wall, and tomorrow morning I will paint the stripes. Once I'm done with that, I'll install the rest of the ceiling and then start cleaning all the tools out so we can put in the floor.

It's laminate and should only take a couple of hours, so I may have a complete room (oh, except for the molding around the windows and along each newly painted wall, oh, and the crown molding to finish up the ceiling, and...well, you see how it goes, the job just seems to keep on growing!


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Marilyn said...

Okay, you didn't get stuck in a wall or something. I kept coming and checking and no new post. Glad you're alive and well. I am so exhausted tonight. We had our 16 month old grandson for 3 days and nights. He is aaaaalllllmmmmooooossstttt walking. Just had to do that. LOL He can get into something in a blink of an eye. Get on the phone and it's faster. I am feeling all of my aaaaaalllllmmmmmmooooossssttt 54 years.


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