Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Next One

I said  was going to quilt a quilt before I started the next top, but there are these designs rolling around in my head, so they have to come out...and making a top is so much more interesting than quilting!

I just came back from a pilgrimage to Ireland with a group of 16 people. One of the things I did was prepare a prayer book of Celtic prayers. These are very grounded and immediate. I love a lot of them. This one in particular, this is one from the Carmina Gadelica found online.

So I designed this quilt using the free software Quilt Assistant and today I bought the browns. I'm using all solid fabrics and the finished quilt should be about 24 x 38. The fabrics I chose are close to these colors, but not exact.

I'm going to tackle the words one of two ways. Either I'm going to use a stencil I make and add them with Shiva Paint Sticks as I did on this banner. The problem I see is that I will be stenciling over seams and it might not work well. In that case I might use the method I used on this wall hanging. I used batik for the letters because the fabric is tightly woven, so won't fray, and Misty Fuse and top stitching.

Here are the fabrics I have to use, I think I'm going to like it a lot!

1 comment:

Allie said...

That's going to be fantastic, Mary! I do think it might be better to applique, going over the seams might be problematic.


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