Monday, February 23, 2015

Design Wall-Aspen Leaves and Kaleidoscopes

I have most of the background done on the leaves quilt, I've sewed the leaves to some muslin and turned them so they're ready to be attached to the background (when I finish attaching the last 5 background squares. Again it posted sideways. I also took some time to make a thread catcher. I use a magnetic pin cushion this one works great. I'm going to post a tutorial later today.

Of course I had to start the next quilt, a stack n whack. I designed it myself and I like it. I numbered the octagons because if I do find gradations of blue fabric, I'll have to put the right one on the right octagon.

I've finished a few of the octagons to see what it will look like. I bought the fabric online so wasn't able to touch it. I love the design and it is printed well, however the fabric is a bit flimsy. But, that gave me the opportunity to do flipped kaleidoscope blocks instead of swirled. I may do some rotating and some this way. I'll decide that later.

To see more design walls, check out Judy's blog.

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