Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cutting the backing the Flynn Method

I have used this a couple of times, and it works great when the backing is just a bit too small. It saves quite a bit of yardage. When the backing is 1/3 of it's width narrower it is just about even. Use the calculator  (you'll have to download the worksheet for it to work for you). I've shared to see if it is worth it for you. If you save fabric and it's worth the time, here is the method. Make sure you remember to add to the width and length in your quilt measurements so it is larger than the quilt. Add 4-6" and use those measurements in the calculator.

First, measure your quilt. Add 4-6" and plug the numbers into the calculator. Figure how much backing fabric to buy.
(You can click all pictures to make them larger)

Fold the fabric corner to corner and cut. The original page said to fold up the package along the folded edge and use a ruler and rotary cutter to cut about 1/8" off. Because I was using fleece for the backing I used scissors in the folded edge. Not perfect, but it worked.

Then, slide one piece of the fabric down until the width of the fabric, butted together equals 1 inch wider than you need for your backing (remember to add the extra 4-6" so the backing is larger. Once it is wide enough, put right sides together, pin and sew.

Here is my backing fabric from last night. You can see on the right side where I've moved the fabric. Notice the "dog ear". I then took the top piece in this picture and flipped it onto the bottom piece so right sides were together, then...

Here is the backing ready to be pinned to the top. Since it's fleece, the seam is very obvious. It can't be pressed, so I just make sure it's open when I put the top on and pin.


LynCC said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Too bad I didn't know about this 3 months ago, but it's all good for future backs. PERFECT for minky, when we have to keep the nap running the right way!

Chris said...

Thanks for the explanation of Flynn's method.
Where did you get the widget (or what's it called) for your UFO list. I love it!


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