Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crappy Day

So I decided I needed to do something to make it better. I had cake for dinner, which really didn't help, though I thought it would at the time, then decided to go outside and take some pictures. I live in a great place, and I sometimes forget how great it is.

These are from the yard, at most about 100 feet from the house. We're fortunate enough to have 16 acres in the mountains of Colorado. Pikes Peak is about 13 miles south of us. The aspens are changing, but no snow yet. We've seen it on the Peak, though.


It's been a long time since I climbed a tree, but this picture reminds of those days.

I didn't even know we had berries. No wonder we have lots of critters who visit.

The sun was shining through the trees and lighted just to tops of a few of them. I leaned against the tree to take this.

Look at the colors! I didn't "stage" this. Just laying there on the ground.

What a great yellow! Thank you autumn.

From a tree we cut down in 2001. There was a fire raging less than 5 miles away, so we cut down about 10-12 trees that were too close to the house. Now look at it.
A piebald tree. Can't decide if it's still summer, or really autumn. 


Wynn_Anne Sibbald said...

Cool new look - and beautiful pictures. One of the fun things about being a grown-up (with no kids watching) is that you can have pie or ice cream for supper once in a while.

Allie said...

Love the new look on your blog! Your pictures are so gorgeous, love the sideways tree - you really do live in a beautiful place! If it ever stops raining, I'd love to get out and explore myself, the leaves are turning and the color is brilliant.

Your Jelly Roll quilt is fabulous, Mary, I really like what you did with the spacers - makes the color really pop!


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