Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Grief!

I had no idea it had been so long since I posted. I don't usually work during the summer, but this summer I am, so I am all messed up. The school year ended at the end of May, I worked an extra week, then started on the bathroom (it's done but for the molding around the window and the door.) Then we went to visit a friend in Utah for a week, then more work on the bathroom. Then I worked a week, then more work on the bathroom...are you seeing a pattern here? The bathroom was supposed to take about 1 week--hah!

Then 5th of July we had some people up for the day (we have a symphony with the 1812 overture, cannon and fireworks) so we had to finish the bathroom and clean the house (everything that had been in the bathroom was all over the house) and then last week work, this week work, then off 2 weeks (yippee!) then back to work for the new school year.Whew!

Not much sewing going on, but I got the bug to clean out the fabric closet, and you know where that leads. If you take all the bits and pieces (supposedly fat quarters) and move them out  of the closet, they have ot have somewhere to go. If you move some stuff out of bins so you can put the fabric in there (by color--I've never done that before) you have to find a place for that stuff. Once you have a place for that stuff, you've moved some other stuff around just keeps on.

I have to share the fruits of my labor. Husbands just don't appreciate as much, at least mine doesn't. I didn't remember to take pictures before I started, but you can imagine. Above is the closet. I decided to try to organize by color--then I have some specific use fabrics. I make Joe bright shirts, so buy fabric when we go to Hawaii or when I see stuff I think he'll especially like. I didn't know I had so much. I also love stack n whack quilts, and didn't know I had so much of that either. No more purchases till there's room in the cubby. The hand dyes are for a baby blocks quilt for Joe; some I've bought, some I dyed.

Here is a picture of the "fat quarters". Really they're less than yard pieces. Can you tell I like blues and greens? It's kind of fun to see it all this way.

Then, just so you don't think EVERYTHING is done, check out the cutting table. I still have a way to go.


Kare said...

Oh Mary - Your closet is going to be a work of art when you're through! Hope this doesn't take as long as the bathroom . . .

Allie said...

You are really having a busy summer, Mary! Bet you're glad the bathroom is done, lol.
I'm so impressed with your organization. LOVE the closet cubbies. What a great idea to sort by color - wonder what I would find if I did that? Of course, it would have to go back into the totes right away, I don't have any shelves. That's on my wish list!

Lindi said...

I love organisation in the sewing room. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room, so it never quite happens. Love yours! It must be so inspirational to walk in and see. :)


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