Friday, May 28, 2010

One Moment

When I woke this morning and looked out the window, I noticed a bit of color in the sky. It was nearly 60, and for the mountains at 5:30, that is warm. I grabbed the camera and got a couple of pictures of the clouds. It's amazing to me, how different pictures look than reality--much more washed out. I tried to get at least one shot that showed the subtle color, but didn't succeed too well.

It's finally spring. The aspens are leafing...the color is so amazing and seeing the leaves bud and bloom (if leaves do that) always makes me smile. We don't have them very long. It's the beginning of June, and the fall by the end of September, but while they're here I enjoy them.

The contrast of the leaves against the sky is wonderful. I caught one of the trees when the leaves were still in bud, then through the new leaves as the sun was lowering.

The wind was blowing a bit, and we have a deck, so I was standing in the tree tops, watching the leaves glow with the light.

I love this time of year.


Allie said...

How pretty! Oh how I wish it was nearly 60 here - we've been SO hot. August hot. Blow some cool breezes my way, will you?
I love the color of the leaves in spring, such a fresh green!

alamodestuff said...

There's nothing like Mother Nature to give us a moment of pause and gratitude! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!

Debby said...

Lucky you to have such beautiful scenery!


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