Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Moment

I looked out the window two evenings ago and noticed the low light shining on the trees. I love the quality of light in the evenings and wanted to see if I could capture it. It wasn't very exciting in the camera, but then I noticed the sky. We have some beautiful blue skies here in Colorado, so I took a couple of cloud pictures to share.

There was a light breeze, it was warm and the birds were singing. Spring has just arrived in the mountains. Earlier in the day I went for a walk at lunch time and noticed the neighbors near work had lots of irises blooming. The lilacs were smelling delicious as well. I didn't have my camera, but here is a moment at the end of that day.

1 comment:

Allie said...

My very most favorite time of day is twilight- I believe the poet's call it 'the gloaming' - everything seems hushed and magical, and the light is indescribable. Your pics are lovely, we're looking at those skies today, yay!


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