Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Something Done

I read blogs every morning what I wake up. This morning I didn't sleep very well, woke up at 4:30 an started reading. What about Orange had a post this morning about time management help. There is a site called that sets a timer for 25 minutes, asks you to write a couple of words about what you accomplished during that time, then gives you a 5 minute break. I know I work well using a method like this, because I've done it before. Usually I set the timer for an hour, then get a 30 minute break, but I thought I'd try it this morning. 

I've not been sewing or quilting much. Just been wasting time on the computer. I had this 9-patch nearly finished quilting for quite a while (quilting is my least favorite part of the process, I just don't feel confident or creative.) Anyway, when I woke up at 4:34 (to be exact) I lay in bed for a bit to see if I would fall asleep again. No luck, but I did think of a way to finish this quilt. I had all the sashing quilted, but didn't know what to do in the blocks. I thought about spirals and tried a couple--really ugly, so I un-quilted them. Then I just put it aside. The simple outline around the center square is working for me. Nothing exciting, but it does the job and I like the way it looks. I finished quilting around 2 columns in 25 minutes. There are 5 on the quilt, so it should only take about 1 more hour or so to finish the quilting then the binding. I can then send it off to my niece. YAY!

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Allie said...

I think I need a system like this too - although when I'm busy, I get in a frenzy and don't want to stop. I can go for 12 hours.
I do my blog reading at night, when I should be doing hand-work. I have a hard time doing hand-work during the day, as it involves sitting, and if I'm sitting I don't feel like I'm actually doing anything. So reading blogs interferes with that. I only read a few in the morning.
This quilt is looking great, Mary, good for you on figuring out how to quilt it and doing so well - although next time maybe that could happen at a more reasonable hour, lol!


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