Sunday, May 10, 2009

More BB and Down Under Quilts

A couple more blocks. I had a bit of adventure this morning...sewed my finger. Ewwww! First time I've done that. I'm a little twitchy when my fingers get close to the needle now, but I'm fine. I've had a tetanus shot it the last couple of years, so I'm good there.

Yesterday I found a link to Down Under quilts. There is a free online subscription, and I signed up for it. I spent a number of hours yesterday looking through the back issues and printing patterns for quilts I might make. Here are some of the quilts I loved.



Lindi said...

The red block is already looking better, Mary.

I like those quilts, too. Always have.
You might enjoy Lisa Walton's site, if you haven't already been there. She has a blog, too. A very lovely lady.

Marilyn said...

I gotta agree with Lindi. Looks good to me. I will have to check out those sites.

Debby said...

That sounds like it really hurt! Can't say that I've ever done that, but there's always a first time. Love your blocks.

I'll have to check out those sites too.


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