Sunday, February 22, 2009

Turtles Wallhanging

I found this pattern last summer when I went to the Sister's qult show, but of course I can't just do what is suggested. I decided to change it a bit. Here is what I have decided to do. I found another turtle drawing online and adjusted it to fit my needs. I think I'm going to like it.

I'm using a fusing method from Terry Grant's blog that I found a while ago. I bought the Liquifuse at that time, and happened to have a Teflon sheet from a friend who was getting rid of stuff--so I went ahead. I think I put a bit too much on the turtles, though. When I fused the shells to one of the turtles it came through the fabric. I'm going to live with it though--I'll have to see if it really bothers me after I get the backing together. If it does, I'll have to change the turtle.


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