Monday, February 16, 2009

Oriental Tiles Quilting

I am being a good quilter and finishing up before I begin another top. well, I am working on quilting a top, but I don't know if I am going to be able to hold out until the quilting is done. This is the oriental tiles top I finished probably almost 2 years ago now--it is a wedding gift for my niece and I think she has been married about 5 years now! I bought the fabric in Paradise California when I was there 3 years ago (I think). It was a kit. I had to supply the color for the diamonds in the middle of each block, and the black--as well as the backing. I am just stippling in the colored parts of each block. I had a heck of a time trying to figure out what I wanted to quilt. I decided to stipple the border and that looked OK, then, since I am using a variegated purple I'm not quilting in the black areas.

I would have had more done, but I had to drive to pick up my husband. He was on a ski trip in Leadville, and more than half of the group got sick with gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and 4 ended up in the hospital because of dehydration. Of course, he was one of them--so I spent about 5 hours going there and coming back--that's why I'm not done. (At least that's my excuse for the day.) Really I don't feel like I do a very good job quilting, so I try to avoid it.

Does anyone have a Bernina? If you do, do you use the #57 foot (the 1/4" foot with the guide)? I was looking at it, but I'm not sure it is worth $45. I'd appreciate it if you do use it if you'd let me know.




Joyce said...

I'd say start another one to work on when you are tired from machine quilting. That is so hard on teh back and neck.

quiltsewpieceful said...

I have a Bernina and I use the 1/4 inch foot all the time. I love it but I think it is number 37.

Linda B. In MS
aka quiltsewpieceful


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