Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aspens and Pines

 The first two rows together. They took a bit more time than I wanted because the grey strip I cut for the cornerstones was a bit narrow, about an eighth of an inch too narrow so I had to fiddle with the first row of blocks and for the second row, I had to unstitch the grey and sew a right size block. Probably not crucial, but it makes sewing in the long run easier.

I also couldn't resist some clearance fabric. The colors just make me happy. I bought it at Connecting Threads. It was $2.28 per yard because the leaves do not go in a straight line across the fabric. I decided I am going to use it for charity quilts so I could justify buying 2 1/2 more yards of each. I'll have 3 1/2 yards of 10 different fabrics so that should be feels wonderful and looks beautiful!

1 comment:

Allie said...

That quilt is looking good! I hate having to fudge because I cut wrong, but I do it all the time.
That fabric is great, and boy you can't beat the price. Excellent for charity quilts, but keep some back for you, too!


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