Friday, November 6, 2009

One Block Wonder-Help

Does this look designed, or just messy? Looking at it on the wall I think it looks a bit boring, looking at it in a picture it looks kind of messy, what do you think? Do I need to do some more stuff to it? I have the first column on the left sewn together, so those first blocks over there probably aren't going to move, but I could move some others around.

Thank you all for you comments. I'm going to leave it as is. I just needed a little positive input to trust that it didn't look like a bunch of blocks thrown on the wall. Lindi suggested I put in some of the complement, I may do that with beads or something like that. I tried it with some fabric, and it jumped out at me too much. Perhaps I can find some fabric for the border that has bits of a burnt orange in it, then add some small dashes in the quilt. This one might need some more work when it is all together, but I don't want to over-think it.


Joyce said...

I like it. If you find it too bland you could always add some boxes.

Anonymous said...

The way it's arranged right now, it looks like snowflakes falling, with some trees to the left in the background.
I think it's quite pretty, but it's how you feel about it in the end that matters. :)

Sherry said...

This is not one of my favorite quilt patterns. However, I like your layout. You have the lights grouped but not symetrical...then the darker blues radiate out.

The only thing I would possible consider was the reverse...darks grouped together off-center with the lighter blues radiating out.

Allie said...

Well, this is not the style of quilt I make, but I really like it - it looks like a night sky to me, or undersea....kind of mysterious. I like the way you've grouped the colors. I know, I'm no help, lol.

Lindi said...

I like adding a touch of the complimentary colour. Could you replace one or three of the blue, with something that has terracotta or an orangey red? I'd probably try it on the right hand side in the lower half, and if three, not too far apart, but not joining.
Just a thought.
Bit i like it anyway. It's a really lovely design! :)


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