Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two-Hundredth Post Giveaway

The patterns have been used (except for the frogs). They are Yellow Brick Road, Oriental Tiles, Turtles and Frogs.

I'll let the winner choose 4 pieces of fabric. I know they're not to everyone's taste, but they make me happy, and would make some child happy, I'm sure.

Here is one of the pillowcase totes I have made. It is about 12 x15.

Well, since January of 2008 I have posted 197 times. I've enjoyed this, and think I've gotten much more quilting done than I ever would have. I've chatted with interesting people and had a chance to broaden my world a bit.

I have participated in many giveaways, so thought this might be the time to have my own in celebration. I have some kids fabrics, some patterns and a shopping tote. I will let the person who wins pick the 4 pieces of fabric they want. The fabrics are all different lengths, so it will be a surprise. They can also choose the two patterns they would like. The winner will be chosen randomly on July 8 at noon MST.

In the comment you leave, I would love to know why you quilt, and what got you started.

Thanks for reading and be sure to include a way for me to contact you in your comment.



paula, the quilter said...

Congratulations, Mary! My next post is going to be #500 and I don't know whether to do something for it or wait until October when it is my 5th blogiversary and do a whopper of a giveaway. I quilt because I love it. Sometimes it because of the sheer mindlessness of sewing one seam after another. Other times it is for the challenge of figuring out how to do something I can see in my head in on my drawing. I think the seed was planted by my paternal grandmother when I was in high school, way 'back when.

Dolores said...

Congratulations Mary!!
I started quilting to use up some of the fabric that I collected after many years of sewing clothing. Now, I have more a whole lot more fabric. I quilt because of the all the different designs one can make and all the various fabrics one can use. I also quilt with friends to use up stash that has been donated to us. We make the quilts and donated it to a charity so they can raffle it off to make some money.

Sue Cahill said...

What a lovely milestone to reach - congrats!

Your giveaway looks fun, being able to pick from such happy patterns and fabrics.

I quilt for so many reasons, to reduce stress, to be creative, to play with color and pattern, to give a piece of myself to family and friends, to give back to charities (Project Linus) and just for the pure joy of the process.

I got started when i saw a pattern in a magazine for a scrappy four patch and heart quilt that I thought would be nice for my 2 year lod daughter. I had lots of scraps left over from th elittle dresses I made her and I wanted to do something with them.
That was 25 years ago and I have lost track of how many quilts I have made and I still have and unending supply of scraps!

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Debby said...

Mary - Congratulations. I started quilting because my dear sister showed me how easy it was, and from the beginning, I loved it! I've only made a few quilts, but have enjoyed every minute of it. Sewing is very relaxing to me; I love going to the fabric stores and touching all the material, and I think I love the "thrill" of the purchase.

Someday I will have more time and I know that I'll be able to use up my stash, just like you've been doing this past year.

Allie said...

Congratulations!!!! Sometimes I wonder if I'll get to 100, lol - but I did just start.
I started quilting in my early 20's. I had never had any interest in sewing, but saw a picture of a quilt I loved. I asked a sewing friend, and she told me how to do it [all by hand, and with cardboard templates] and we went fabric shopping. It took me 20 years of moving, packing it away, finding it, and starting up again before I finished it. The first night I slept under it, I was good and hooked. I finally got a sewing machine for the next one, though!

Renee G said...

I first started quilting in high school when I took a needlework class. Patchwork and quilting was one of our project options. I've been in love ever since.


Joyce said...

Congratulations. I always said quilting was not for me, too precision. Then a quilting friend came to visit and got me hooked. THe rest is history.

call me crazy said...

Congratulations Mary! Isn't blogging fun? :-) I started quilting because I loved the look of quilts and wanted to make 'a quilt for every bed' ;) ...I was hooked after the first one! Each bed has more than one quilt now, so my next goal is a Christmas quilt for every bed. I have one finished. ;)

Lindi said...

Congratulations, Mary! I love what you are offering for your giveaway.
I started quilting after I took my old sewing machine into a Hobbysew shop to be repaired and there were beautiful quilts hanging all around the walls, plus lots of gorgeous fabric! I looked at the quilts and thought "I could make something to front the small polar fleece lap blankets we use. How hard could it be?" lol Well, as most of us find, there are always challenges, but lots of joy and peace. I don't consider it an addiction. Just a necessary component of my life. Like breathing!

Sherry said...

I just had my 200th post giveaway too! Congratulations to you!

I've followed in my gggrandmother's footsteps. After making my first crocheted potholder in high school, I continued to teach myself to crochet. I tried quilting...didn't like it. Then just before hitting the 30s I picked it up and enjoyed playing with fabric leftover from garment construction.

I've quilted a few of my gggrandmother's quilt tops. Those are my favorites!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on your 200th post Mary. I like to quilt because I love to create, I love the challenge of matching points, I love the look of quilts around my home and I love giving them to folks to celebrate their special occasions. I started to quilt after seeing other people's wonderful creations at a time when my children no longer wanted home made clothes and I still had a large stash of fabric to use.

Judy said...

Hi Mary, I just stumbled on your blog while blog of my favorite activities and often takes away from other things. :)
I started quilting when I was a teen and my new baby cousin needed a blanket.......I didn't realize I was making her a quilt. It's been non stop from there. Congratulations on 200 posts.....I just hit 300 but I'm waiting for a different number for my party.

Marilyn said...

Mary, congratulations! I am so glad I found your blog ever so long ago--it does seem long. I love visiting your blog to see all the colors you use in your quilts.

I started quilting first by learning to hand quilt. My grandmother and mother quilted but had pretty much quit after I was born. My grandmother still made quilts from double knits and tied them. She used whatever she could get her hands on. After we moved to the area where we now reside I met a lady who invited me to "quilting"-- a hand quilting group. I have enjoyed it immensely. I was reluctant to piece quilts but embraced the hand quilting. Lots of pieces that have to fit together. Not any more. I love quilting for the creativity and it is therapy for me. It challenges me and meeting with others who share the same interest is icing on the cake!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo. I would love to win. Congratulations on your 200th post!

Kerry said...

congratulations Mary!! Quilting has just been a progression from sewing and craft. Now it has taken over from it all (and the house too). I love stitcheries and quilting and all things connected - especially the fabric!!


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