Friday, January 30, 2009

Greek Keys Top Done

Here is the next top I am going to quilt. I think I'm just going to quilt in the dark blue maze lines using my walking foot. I think that will do the job, and will look fine. I was thinking of doing something rounded for the quilting, but decided it really is a very angular top, and I don't want to change that. I have batting in my stash already, as well as backing.

The backing was originally from a fabric kit for a colorwash Irish chain. It was supposed to be the border for a queen size quilt, so I have enough fabric. In fact that colorwash top is currently being quilted. I am using it for a duvet cover, so am having it quilted without batting, just the top and back. I know I took pictures of the colorwash Irish chain, but I have looked through all of my pictures on my computer and didn't find them. I have no idea what I did with them, but I'll get some more pictures and actually post them when it's done.

This is only the 4th duvet cover we've had since we got the down filled comforter in about 1987--the year we were married. The first one came with it, the second I made a roman stripes top, the third I made in Germany from two flat sheets, and now this one. I love sleeping under down, and we use it summer and winter. Of course, here in Colorado, it's cool enough that we can use it (I use it mostly on my legs) in the summer time.

I hope to have the quilting done on the Greek Keys top by next week. This is another QOV and should be able to be delivered soon after it is finished.


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