Friday, December 12, 2008

No quilting making!

From this....Comes this....

Aren't they just cute. Well maybe you can't tell in the picture, but trust me, they're cute. I made some truffles for gifts for Christmas and needed boxes to put them in. I found some in craft stores, but they were either too small or too expensive. I decided to look online today and found a video on etsy lab. They are very easy and I just made a couple of changes. To start off, you are supposed to fold a square of paper diagonally both ways. When you do that, though, the tops (and bottoms) of the boxes have folds through them. That's not awful, but if you just make the diagonals with light pencil lines instead, you don't get any folds across the top. I also didn't have any fun paper, just boring old white. So, I decided to print something on it to make it more interesting. I did a search for free clip art and found a couple I liked. I manipulated them a bit so they would fall in the right place on the paper and, voila! decorated boxes.

See how well the truffles fit in!
They even taste pretty good, mint rolled in candy cane bits, orange, choclate rolled in pecans, and the last was just a plain chocolate truffle. The one on the bottom right had the chocolate correctly tempered, the one othe the bottom left was not correctly tempered--see how it's not shiny, but it still tastes good.


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Kaleena said...

I used to make those with my grandma. she would use old christmas cards :)


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