Sunday, March 15, 2015

Airline Seat Back Pouch

 I'm going to Europe next week so I made myself a bag to hang on the seat back hook. I have a space for headphones, my kindle some snacks (maybe a small bottle of water) and passport and a few other things. I saw a design while I was surfing and decided to just make one up. I didn't plan too well, so I ended up adding stiff interfacing after it was together. That was quite a trick. I also added lining afterwards, so I did it kind of backwards, but I think I'll be happy I have it. I'll just put it in my backpack and pull it out as soon as I sit down.

The two zipper pockets on the front are sized to take my passport and a few credit cards. There is an inside pocket for my kindle and a loop to hook onto the seat back tray holder thingy.

The inside was fun because I had already made a pocket for the kindle  and THEN I decided to line it. Lots of hand sewing, but I think it looks OK though it wouldn't win any awards. It is functional and I think it will be useful.

1 comment:

Allie said...

That is a fabulous idea - I love it! What a smart cookie you are!


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