Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Look What Norece Made

Norece sent me an email sharing the quilt that she made using my pattern. She bought the hand-dyed  fabric from Vicki Welsh. It is about 100 inches square. 

Her version is much larger than mine. I ended up not adding the small squares along the edges, but I really like how they look. I never posted a picture of my finished quilt, but I just added batting and backing then bound it. I'll see if I can dig one up and share it. 

If you want to make one, I make up guidelines. It's not really a pattern in that it doesn't tell you how much of what to buy, or step-by-step directions. It just gives dimensions for the pieces needed. You can find it here. I did post sorta-kinda fabric requirements for the quilt I made here.

Found a picture of mine finished, it's not a great picture but you get the idea. I used multicolored dotted fabric for the back and pebbled the whole quilt, large in the background and much smaller in the colored squares.If you click on it you might be able to see the quilting.

Thanks Norece, for sending me the picture. I think you might have inspired me to make another one of these. 

1 comment:

Allie said...

Lovely! 100 inches square, wow. I too like the small squares on the ends.


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