Sunday, July 15, 2012


76 trombones, 76 days. A long time without blogging. I had some adventures in the mean time, and I hope to get back to quilting and blogging regularly.

Let's see...I stopped at the end of April. In May I started in earnest planning for the trip to Europe for our 25th anniversary. I made clothes, made itineraries, made reservations. At least I did some sewing. We went to Germany and Ireland. A week in Germany and two weeks in Ireland. Joe's mom is German, and we lived there for two years, so we wanted to see the relatives again and also see Berlin (which we had never seen). We had never been to Ireland and though neither of us has any Irish ancestors that we know of, wanted to see what it was like. We rented a car and drove...a lot. We figured about 3,000 kilometers, so .... a lot!

It rained every day was was beautiful nonetheless.We have loads of are a few.

Grianan Aileach Ring Fort view

Fuchsia (they were everywhere)

Cliffs near Dun Aonghasa on Inis Mor Island
Joe on the Ceide Fields--the Centre in the background. 

Right now I'm working on cleaning the sewing room...first steps first. Then back to quilting and more regular blogging...and more pictures, soon.


LynCC said...

What wonderful travels! Yes, I'm jealous. ;D

Wynn Anne Sibbald said...

Welcome back - and thanks for the pictures!

Allie said... wow. My dream trip - well, to Ireland. Glad to see you back and that you had a great time!!


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